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Fitting the Mast

After the seals were done on the club mast I brought it home to scratch mu head about fitting it to the trailer.
It seems that there are a number of different variants of the Scam mast and our looks different to the one that G1NGE had in his photos.

The question was how do you manhandle the massively heavy mast into the exact position that you need and after one failed attempt I resorted to good old ratchet straps and wedges.

trailer - 2 (1)

Then i turned down the bolts so that they would go into two holes drilled into the frame to pivot the mast. I used a centre drill to centre the hole in the threaded section to avoid damaging the threads and then opened it up to 9.5mm
trailer - 3 (1)

i thought it important to set the mast vertical before drilling the holes seeing as that is where we want it to end up

trailer - 1 (1)

The rest just involved grinding the backets to get them to fit

trailer - 4 (1)

Here it is done. Just needing some painting and the cover plates fitting.
trailer - 6

trailer - 7

trailer - 8
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