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50Mhz - Pants

Yes, it’s true, the new K3S did not have a chance to prove itself as the noise level was so terrible I had a job hearing anyone. Not just me I add. Carl and Uri had the same troubles whereas others on the hill did not.


Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 23.29.15

Never mind we live to give it another go next time. And the Skookum issue is now sorted so we are totally integrated computer wise.


New Radio

I have gone mad and brought myself a nearly new and unused K3S from a SK sale. I have lusted after one having used the KX3 for a while so when there was a deal to be had it was too good to miss.

Of course the beauty of the Elecraft range is that you can fiddle about with them so not content with the original I took it apart straight away and added in the voice recorder board - for contest calling. and a few filters.

I also had the K-pod turn up and had to do some soldering to the main control board to get power to it. A brave move with such small surface mount components. Anyway it worked.

The Kpod is not totally programmed yet as Elecraft have yet to release the utility for Mac so it has limited functionality at the moment but when it is running properly it should have 16 macros that link commands. For example one button push to run 5 up . Another to S&P 5 up. you see the logic.





And here we are for the 6M UKAC disaster.


Apart from terrible terrible conditions with noise. Every time I had a QSO it was fine until half way through when the mic cut out. I didn’t work it out until No70 in the log. It was Skookum logger turning off the TX when I clicked the mouse. That was only after I had got the other radio out to try and work out what was going on.

Not one of my best. But the Skookum boys were working on it after the contest at 1am in the morning so I hope to have a beta version to test later in the week. Brilliant result in the end. Not points but nice people.

Battery Portable 2M

I have finally got round to putting the 9 ele portable beam for 144Mhz together. Charlie has the clamp on the 7 eye so i tried it with a quick clamp from the workshop. It didn't fall off.

I had one QSO with JOØ1 which was ok from home.

The battery worked ok as well with the booster. SO the question is will it work for a trip out up a hill. It all points to being a reasonable setup.



Ilf anyone is interested in doing the BackPakers on the SSB field Day weekend let me know.







Here is the proper use for a landrover




Islands On The Air

What a GREAT contest. Fantastic fun.

I have ever done it before but, for poor propagation conditions, the bands were absolutely packed.

We ran Andy's setup with the 4 ele StepIr and Expert Amp and could have gone on for the full 24 hours if we had enough energy with QSO rates of 100+ per hour.

Best contact for me…Alaska.

Next year the plan is to do IOTA for the Club's 80th anniversary from Burnham Beeches with a special call sign. And we will be recruiting operators - you DR boys look out !!!

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