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AN400 Well wasn't that FUN


2m UKAC June

Spent the first hour with the mast down and then braved the wind

More multipliers but still suffering from shorter distance qso’s as opposed to being in a non IO91 location

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.46.41

Fitting the Mast

After the seals were done on the club mast I brought it home to scratch mu head about fitting it to the trailer.
It seems that there are a number of different variants of the Scam mast and our looks different to the one that G1NGE had in his photos.

The question was how do you manhandle the massively heavy mast into the exact position that you need and after one failed attempt I resorted to good old ratchet straps and wedges.

trailer - 2 (1)

Then i turned down the bolts so that they would go into two holes drilled into the frame to pivot the mast. I used a centre drill to centre the hole in the threaded section to avoid damaging the threads and then opened it up to 9.5mm
trailer - 3 (1)

i thought it important to set the mast vertical before drilling the holes seeing as that is where we want it to end up

trailer - 1 (1)

The rest just involved grinding the backets to get them to fit

trailer - 4 (1)

Here it is done. Just needing some painting and the cover plates fitting.
trailer - 6

trailer - 7

trailer - 8

Trailer Mods

We have acquired a trailer for the Club to put the Scam mast on from G1NGE up in Norfolk.

Other than needing a grease nipple for the wheel bearing it seems fine and it will be great to see it with the mast on.

I have knocked up some supports to carry the antenna bits out of some steel section I had around. The front one tilts to allow working on the mast with it in the down position.
I am bit worried that it might clash with the mast. If it does then we will need to move it forwards a bit. Difficult to tell without it on the trailer.

trailer - 1
trailer - 2

trailer - 3
trailer - 5

The paint needs to dry overnight and then maybe tomorrow we will have the mast finished and on the trailer.


50mhz UKAC May

Yesterdays 6m comp was fun. Conditions not fantastic but i am still green enough to need to practice (a lot)

  • Contest :50MHz UKAC
  • Submitted :Wed May 27 12:27 2015
  • Deadline :Tue Jun 2 2015
  • Section :AR
  • Callsign :2E0LDZ
  • Group :Burnham Beeches RC
  • QSOs :63
  • DXCCs :2
  • WWLs :10
  • UK WWLs :9
  • Mults :19

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 12.27.45

Mast For VHF

Well whilst I am still waiting for the mast that is coming with the HexBeam from Poland I need to get something ready for the summer. I just can’t wait any longer.

So I have pushed the Moonraker 15M masts into operation.

You can get a guy kit from Nevada which, although designed for Spider poles works equally as well with the Moonraker one.

I tried it with two sets of guys and it was fine until it came to trying to lift the antenna on it. The problem is that the mast sections are 2.5m long so you have to be up a ladder, or on top of a car to push them up and you have to have something stabilising the bottom section.

I added a third aluminium guy section, without the bearing, on the bottom section and that solved the issue.

bolog - 13
bolog - 14

I made up the guys with the same braid i used for the home mast and added the neat stainless steel connections to the ends.
bolog - 15

bolog - 19

I tried lifting it with just the two guys but no go.

bolog - 39

So a third on the bottom section stabilised it all. Pity you have to have ladders to get to the top though.

bolog - 37

Here are some shots of it up at about 10M. It did oscillate a bit in the wind but I had a couple of QSO’s on 2W on the KX3 which proved that it works.

bolog - 36

bolog - 32

bolog - 23

What a waste of time


It was too windy to put the mast up but to compound that we had a station in Surrey bleeding over the whole band which knocked out an hour or so for me.

I am sure it was not intentional but good practice would tell you as soon as someone tells you that you are causing a problem to shut down and sort it out. Well done for doing that in the end and I am interested to hear what the cause was. Because as sure as eggs are eggs we are all likely to make similar mistakes in overdriving amplifiers or whatever.

All in all a very frustrating night.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 09.17.17

BBRC Club Comp

Yes the day dawned bright. Lovely and sunny and yours truly trooped up a nearby hill with the KX3 and buddipole ready.
At 6.45pm, as I am told is tradition for this particular competition, it chucked it down.

So I had to say goodbye to the buttercups and cows and get into the car.

With the buddipole lashed to the back of the Landy I had a go but managed 6 poor QSO's. I had betted on some sort of propagation to give me a chance on 2M SSB but with flat conditions and only 2W from the KX3 I was not even in with a chance with the FM boys on their verticals.

So I need to get a rig installed in the Landy for these sorts of low power HF comps and luckily now the 991 has taken over from the 7000 in the GoBox it won't be long before we have that in and working.

Nevertheless is was great fun and just a pity more did not hide under and umbrella to give it a go. Mind you can you blame them with the weather!



Pretty flat conditions yesterday for the 6M competition but it gave me a chance to try the steeper on 6m. And it works.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 09.00.48

Burnham Beeches RC 144mhz UKAC

BBRC Soar to 39th after the April 2015 results are announced for the UKAC.

With the highest placing yet of 55th for G8AJM/P

We are on a roll….possibly

Join in if you can

Double Check those Logs

Bah …. thats the problem with my writing.

It turns out that I had another square. Cheers Dave for pointing that out. In fact by doing a double check against the QRZ pages for a non portable should be able to point that out.

Anyway here is the updated map. Which gives another multiplier. It beats me though how some can get double the numbers of multipliers. More work needed!

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 13.34.10

Competition ASSISTANCE

You will have seen me going on about multipliers and maidenhead squares. So my thought was how do you know which direction to beam in, quickly, during the comp.

So I had a quick google and came to this site where you can put a compass onto a map

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 14.43.10

Then you can look at the squares on google earth with an overlay. If you need that you will have to email me.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 14.46.09

Then you can put them all on a spreadsheet…….or let me know and i'll mail you one

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 14.47.19

That obviously only works if you are in the BBRC area as the bearings are taken from SL2 area


Last night say the first outing of the new G0KSC designed beam for the UKAC comp.

Boy it makes a difference over what I had before.

Following Uri's advice I tried to get as many multipliers as possible. I don't seem to be getting further north than 83 but we can see where we need to concentrate next time. JO02 should have been easily possible.

and sorry to Dave for not recognising your call in the heat of the moment.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 08.40.57

4M Competition

Some pictures just in of the 4M beam used in the club comp at the weekend.

It seemed to work very well, despite being compact. (PS: there is filter on the pictures, the weather wasn't that dark!)


Oh and here was a very special old Lady who came to visit and check we were doing ti right

DX Picknic

Then on to Uri’s place with the trailer for a day and a half of radio fun.
The weather was a bit grey but us hardy ones that toughed it out had a great evening. The wood burner came into its own for a nice warm place for a meal and a chat,
I set up my go box with the trusty hyendfed wire between the buddipole stand and a Sota pole. The Sota pole is a great bit of kit for fifty quid and I came up with the idea of using the springiness of it to keep tension on the wire. worked a treat and stood up to bit of a wind.
I also put up a 6m beam made with Buddipole bits. needless to say it looked better than it performed as I didn’t get anyone at all.

Not the case, however, for the end fed. Without much hope we gave HS7BHK in Thailand (I know its a Panama call but he insisted he was in Thailand). We got a 59. On the next QSO he gave a 57 to someone, so proper reports and a good result. We also worked Brazil PY2PT. All on a wire you can put in your pocket!

The conditions for the competition were not brilliant but with the beam Dave sorted out we were getting some amazing distances given the conditions and the fact it is 4m!
Yours truly had a quick go and got a couple of squares before Mrs LDZ turned up to rescue downed dove. Turns out Charlie’s caravan is an fact an animal ambulance in disguise.
Last night was really one of the best I have had for a long time so if the opportunity rears its head again. Come on down for the DX Picknic.



Lessons from a Competition

Last night I hindered Uri with the 6m UKAC contest and what a full on two and a half hours.

Conditions were not great with a load of QSB but we managed a respectable showing getting some useful multipliers and I can guaranteed if I had been doing it on my own it would have been less than half. Knowledge counts for a lot in this game.

So what did I learn/

1 You get extra "multipliers" for each Maidenhead Square that you make a QSO with. These multiply your score. Obviously. So the way to boost your score is to get as many "squares" as possible whilst also getting as many contacts as possible. For those pilots amongst us with no sense of direction, a map is helpful here.

2 To reach these distant squares you will be talking to someone with a beam. So to make a contact your beam and his have to be pointing at each other. You may have to return to try to get that needed multiplier more than once.

3 So long CQ calls are required to give them a chance to tune the radio and beam on to you. a typical call would be
(the slashes don't mean anything but show the sections).

4 Leave only a short pause between CQ calls to maximise your exposure and avoid anyone nicking the frequency.

5 Pick a calling frequency (make sure its clear) and put it into the memory. That way you can return to it after you have tuned around.

6 You will hear people, and some software, talking about Run and Pounce. It could sound more fun than it actually is but it means:

RUN = calling CQ (on the memory frequency ideally)
POUNCE = tuning around and returning others who are CQ-ing or RUNNING

Got it!

7 I really helps to have two people operating as when it gets frantic, especially for a new person like me, you will miss out things from the log.

8 If you have two operators run two logs to cover for mistakes. Ideally one should be computer based so you can quickly check on duplicates (you don't want to call the same person twice in these comps).

9 Learn where the likely stations are that will give you those multipliers.

10 For this competition you needed to share an RST report, a serial number that increments by one each time and your maidenhead locator. A bit like golf, there is etiquette to all this. on non HF competitions where everyone gives you 5+9 , on VHF you give actual reports. So you have to be quick at writing the call down and looking at the meter. The aim is keep the QSO as short as possible to get as many in.
So a typical QSO might go

CQ CQ CQ … above

You will note the IO91 bit. to keep this short no need for ITALY OSCAR unless the contact requires it.

Now none of this is necessarily correct, just my observations for you to shoot down in flames! and I am sure that there are many more tips.

So do share them if you dare!



We did OK last night with the 2M competition.
Particularly given that we only had the small portable beam on the bud dipole tripod. It was good practice for what is to come.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 13.03.15
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