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i took over Chris’s perch last night up at Stokenchurch to try to get some more points for the Club. And you know it worked.

Apart from forgetting the headset and having to come home again set up in the rain was ok. Ever had that feeling that you are ready to go, have the mast up and wonder why the coax is still on the ground……down in comes again!

If anyone is interested in sitting in on a VHF contest to see what it is all about then give me a shout. I have yet to work out how I can get a 2 man station into the car but I am sure it can be done.

Conditions were very flat but there is no doubt that the elevation of the site makes a big difference for VHF. Funny I had no problems with a 59 to GI4SNA but could not raise any european DX. Apart from one in Luxembourg.

I look forward to trying this again and it might spurr me on to getting the 70cms beam together.

After Ian’s talk I have sorted out a FREE logging programme for the Mac called SkookumLogger. It works very efficiently and saves me transcribing the logs into the RSGB website. Hopefully!!! we have yet to see if it gets accepted by the powers that be.

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