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Rotator Base Takes Shape

Here is the rotator base for the bottom mounted rotator.

Why a “T” shape I hear you shout. Well if the hex beam ever gets here from its disastrous trip from Poland, which has now taken 2 months due to the driver having a hear attack in Belgium (good place to have one knowing their hospitals) it will need the base to tilt over for the beam to be put on. And seeing as this is only to keep the rotator from moving three pegs should be fine. I am not relying on it to hold the mast up it has lower guys for that.

Hopefully if Mr Nevada get the adapter here today (should have been yesterday) then we will have it tested this weekend

Well the Nevada adaptor was not the right size and I had forgotten I had some wood and a lathe.

mast - 3

This is the adapter for the mast to the rotator turned out of a bit of spare timber

mast - 4

mast - 5

mast - 7

And the good news is that it works. I had the 2m beam up at 10M in bit if a wind and it turned it fine. It was a bit jerky in the stronger gusts as I expect the flexing of the mast against the guys give is a bit too much resistance.

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