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Bouvet & Bust


As you know by now the Bouvet Expedition didn’t make it…but we did.

After months of planning we arrived at the Lizard and set up station. That me SKA and AJM. It definitely was a three man operation getting the antennas up in that wind.

We had the hex beam, DX commander (which worked very well and stood up to all the Cornish coast could throw at it with the upper guy ring modification) and the 60’ high 80m vertical.


Despite not working Bouvet we did manage New Zealand on 80m SSB with I consider a success .

Much less of a success was the UKAC where we did terribly despite putting 59 signals into IO93. Nobody points to Cornwall or possibly those that do have poor receive capability.


anyway there you have it, A nice break and there was some wildlife to see on the antennas as well


Meanwhile Chris G8AJM was down at Lands End also working ZL on 80 with the Club mast and spider beam


If you are considering wireless cottage for a holiday then it is recommended. For radio operation i’m not so sure as we suffered from very high, intermittent noise on 80, 40 and 20 which when it was happening put pay to any operation at all. We could not track it down to the buildings and never found out the source.

Cheers from the Burnham Beeches team

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