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911 Update

I have had a reasonable play with the 991 but the real test will come with the UKAC where it will get used in earnest.

If you are familiar with the Yaesu menu structures then this radio will immediately seem familiar. There are essential two menu structures. One that you scroll through pages of buttons on the touch screen which has things like the RF power mic gain etc. Basically all the things that you use frequently. Tis is accessed by the F button. Then there is the traditional menu structure by numbers where you find the set and forget type items like vox gain and equalisation.

I have it set up with the stealth inverted 40/80m dipole and the receiver is sharp and there are the same filters that you find in the rest of the range , but out of the box it is pretty handy.

You have split functions with a quick split and then using the clarifier to adjust the vfo B frequency for chasing this split Dxpeditions.
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