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I blame it on Martin when he showed me a picture of a "tactical" back pack with all those bits of webbing on it. Great. Never heard of it before but there is a system for joining bags or pouches together by interlacing webbing.

Anyway I had to have one and we spoke about adapting one to take all the portable kit for next years outward bound hikes. Here is the sort of thing that we are looking to fit in.


I wanted to have each bit of equipment in individual bags that could easily be fitted in or taken out.

The blue bit fits in to the pack with the webbing and has Velcro on it so can stick the individual pouches to it, with the idea that they are held in place and don't jiggle around when I am made to march up a hill.



Then I got around to making a prototype pouch. This one for the power supply. As that won't be going on Martins Marches it does not need the sticky velcro treatment just some MOLLE webbing on the back for attachment possibilities.



So with that sorted I have the material on order to get on with the rest of them.

One thing we also need is antenna poles. Here they are one each side of the pack . Modelled kindly my Mrs LDZ.

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