Helicopters and more

Its up far as it will go

The stepir is up.

Well on the mast. It needs the trees to be trimmed to go all the way up and as it was windy today I stuck with it at shed level.

To get us there first job was to test the motors and the wiring. You can run a setup programme and check they go in and out as they should.

Then the fibreglass arms need extending and fixing in place with adhesive filled heat shrink


Tubes are then shortened to the right length and prepared for the standing on the roof fixing technique that will ha[[en later



With 26kg of it . (the stepir not Martin) on the mast we tested that went up and down. (down jerkily)

Then wrapped the cables in spiral wrap. What a long job that was. But worth it.



Couldn’t have done it all on my own.

It was getting cold so we called it a day.

Today i got the trombones on. There was a lot of fiddling on the roof so no photos,, Just the majesty of the thing now it is up.

It works pretty well at roof level as well.



See it blends in a treat.

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